12 Extremely Bizarre Border Situations Around the World

Did you think the world was a perfect jigsaw of straight lines and solid borders? Think again.

For a subject often treated with such furrow-browed importance by certain politicians, the exact details of where international borders lie can sometimes be a confusing and confounding conundrum. Through either historical quirks, unwanted tracts of land or honest mistakes, there are several locations worldwide that warrant taking a closer look. Gazed at from a satellite above, there would be nothing remarkable about these areas of land but the reality is much different. Here are some of the world’s more curious international border situations.

Whenever You’re Able to Travel to Europe Again, Put This Greek Town at the Top of Your List

Visit Thessaloniki, Greece’s northern capital famed for its world-class gastronomy, laidback attitude, and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki bears the marks of a tumultuous past and consequent myriad cultural influences. Part of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, this important trading center has been home to diverse communities, each bringing their languages, traditions, and cuisines to the port city. Today, Thessaloniki is a vibrant university town known for its culinary exploits and dynamic cultural scene, all the while maintaining a reputation as a chilled-out metropolis where life can afford to move a little slower. A trip to Thessaloniki should take in the city’s rich archaeological offerings—think a well-preserved Roman forum, frescoes at the Rotunda, and the elaborate Arch of Galerius—but take on a decidedly relaxed pace, making time to savor a sweet bougatsa, stroll the waterfront and discover the meaning of halara.